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Coffee Beans

Blinki: One-Stop Coffee Service

A quick UX project demonstrating the design process and voice assistance integration as a part of solutions.

Blinki logo.png

Project Overview: 

This is a quick project case study based on Julia, a busy career woman with a young child. She is a coffee lover and needs a quick way to order coffee from her favorite nearby shop so that she can stay motivated and energetic during the day.



Waiting in long lines is miserable and skipping coffee in the morning could ruin her whole day. She wishes there was quick, simple way to order coffee from either her favorite cafe or from a local shop in her neighborhood (she loves to support local businesses!).


Blinki is a mobile app that offers a simple, quick way to order coffee in the blink of any eye from any coffee shop nearby. The key features include:

  • Hands-free ordering by voice assistant

  • One app service from any local coffee shop

  • Shows how many orders are in ahead of you and estimates the pickup time

  • Order from your favorite menu from your favorite shop

  • Instantly search stores nearby

My role: 

To provide mobile solutions for users. My role includes:

  • User & competitor analysis

  • Workflow identification

  • Prototyping

  • Wireframing

  • User interface design

  • Style guide creation

Project time: 2 days


Understanding Users & Competitors:

Competitor Analysis: 

What's out there in the market:


  • Order coffee ahead of time from any local store in the neighborhood

  • Offers promotions and rewards


  • Users need to search for stores and menus

  • No way of knowing how many orders are ahead of you

  • No voice assistant; users need physical interaction with the app

Persona: Julia, a dedicated working mom

About: Julia is a young professional growing in her career while balancing parenthood. She sacrifices for her family and work. She is an energetic, multitasking woman who needs a cup of coffee to power up her day.

"I wish there was an easy way to order a coffee from my favorite store or shop nearby when I need it. I don't have time for long lines."



Getting a favorite coffee every day helps boost her energy and creativity and keeps her focused.

Need & goal:

She wants a quick, easy way to order a coffee no matter how busy she is, where ever she is.

Pain points:

● Waiting in a long line just to get a coffee

● Can't order ahead or plan when to order and pick up

● Unable to find other nearby coffee shops 

● Difficulty interacting with the screen while on the go

blinki iphone frame.png
Triple Blended Coffee Beans

What's the user problem?

Problem Statement:

As a dedicated working mom and career woman, Julia needs a quick, convenient solution to order coffee with an estimated pickup time. She doesn't have time to wait in lines, is often on the go, and her hands are always busy. When she misses her morning brew, her busy life could quickly drain her energy and may ruin her day.

Hypothesis Statement:

Creating a coffee network mobile app where users can easily order from any store, view estimated pickup times, create a reminder schedule to place daily orders, and interact with a voice user interface would help save 10-15 minutes that would've been spent waiting in line.

User Stories & User Flows:

Julia Story 1: order coffee from her favorite menu

As a busy working mom, I wake up early to prepare for important meetings and to drop off my child at daycare. I want to know how long it will take to pick up coffee if I order it now.

TASK FLOW 1: Check estimated pickup time before ordering coffee

  • Log in with voice activation

  • User's dashboard defaults at "my favorite"

  • View estimated pickup time

  • Order coffee at my favorite place

Entry point: My Favorite

Success criteria:  Order coffee from my favorite menu

Task flow 1.png

Julia Story 2: view and order from another nearby store

As an on-the-go person, I want to order a coffee from someplace nearby; I want the fastest pickup.

TASK FLOW 2: Find nearby coffee shop with fastest estimated pick-up time.

  • Log in with voice activation

  • User's dashboard defaults at "My Favorite"

  • View nearest, alternate coffee shop that has the same/similar coffee as my favorite coffee shop

  • Place order

  • Pay with my Blinki card

Entry point: My favorite

Success criteria:  Pay with my Blinki card (default)

task flow 2.png
Making Coffee

Wireframe and Prototype:

Site Map:
Site map.png

Prototype: Key Features

  • Voice assistant

  • One-swipe ordering from "My Favorite" menu

  • Create schedule to remind me when to place future orders

  • Find a nearby store by estimated time to arrival (pickup)

search filter by distance.png
coffee cup hello.png
remind to order.png
cappuccino card.png


Onboarding and Login

wireframe onboarding login.png

Order and Payment

wireframe order payment.png

Scheduling & Search

wireframe set schedule find store.png
blinki on table.jpg

View Other Stores

wireframe view other stores.png

Style guide:


Using roasted coffee, orange, and light blue as primary colors to represent energy and a delightful day.



2 fonts are use as primary font, Europa and Rubrik from Adobe Fonts. The sans serif typeface makes the design look modern and clean. The round corners of Rubrik break down the seriousness and keep it lively, which reflects the brand image and illustration.


Icons and Images

Icons and Images.png


Adobe font

  • Vectorjuice

  • Pikisuperstar

  • alicia_mb

ref icon.png


Adobe XD

Google Slide



app icons.png
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